GlamourProductions Studios Presents…. A New Blog!

GlamourProductions Studios is proud to bring you the company’s first blogging experience!


This blog will consist of product reviews, makeup tips and tricks, fashion and styling tips and tricks, nail art and anything else beauty related! We will feature a Makeup Look and a Outfit of the Week, as well as a Photography Photo of the Week and a weekly Q & A section. This is also where you will be able to find updates on our non-profit division, GlamourProductions Studios as we kick-off our community service projects. How-to video tutorials are also coming soon!


Any products you would like to see reviewed or makeup looks you would like broken down, please send your suggestions to! You can also send inquires for the Q & A section to the email, or leave them in the comments section!



Subscribe to our RSS feed or simply join the monthly mailing list at to stay in the loop!






Ashlie Lauren

Makeup Artist/Photographer


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